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As an active member of many boards and industry-committees, Metro Development Group is always in the forefront of what matters most to our core audience of home builders and home buyers. We were fascinated and encouraged to learn that the growing and unstoppable trend in our segment is technology.

Yes, even when purchasing a home, the 21st century model is geared towards technology in our living environments and Metro took immediate steps to be an industry-leader in this arena. We dialed-in to the all-important area of top internet and WiFi speeds plus creating neighborhoods where every home is built to be a Smart Home.

With the successful launch of ULTRAFi in 2015 we have set the framework for tomorrow’s communities, today.


Current ULTRAFi Communities:

Coming Soon:

Please be aware that many factors affect actual throughput speed, including the performance and configuration of your PC, the server speed of the websites you access, wireless connections and internet congestion. Metro Development Group and Spectrum Networks do not guarantee the same connection speed to every web destination.

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