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TAMPA, FL – Super-sized pool communities are coming to the U.S for the first time and four will be built in Florida.

Crystal Lagoons, based out of Miami, started in Chile’s central coast as a way to swim and enjoy water sports safely. That’s because the local shoreline is frigid cold and has dangerous conditions.

There are 300 massive pools in 60 different countries, including Egypt, Thailand, Jordan and Peru.

Now Metro Development Group will use the technology in Tampa Bay.

“It’s visually stunning, it’s one of those things where just looking at it is spectacular,” said president Greg Singleton.

Singleton tells us three eight-acre lagoons are planned. That’s about eight football fields of water.

One will be in southern Hillsborough County, two others in eastern Pasco County and another in Fort Myers.

Each community will have around 2,000 lots.

“It’s just like the experience you have if you go to Clearwater Beach or Pass-a-Grille, but it’s right there and it’s in your own private community,” said Singleton.

The CEO of Crystal Lagoons tells us over Skype it costs $250,000 per acre to build. To run it? Expect $2,500 per acre, every month.

Kevin Morgan says that’s still cheaper than a traditional swimming pool.

“You can operate it for energy savings less than 2 percent of what you would run a swimming pool with,” said Morgan.

And we’re told cleaning is self-sufficient.

“It’s really two main systems. The first one is called a pulse base disinfection; the second is we use an ultra sound filtration,” said Morgan.

So when can you take a dip? That will be in the next year or so. The Hillsborough County community breaks ground this fall.

As for pricing, Singleton says the houses surrounding the lagoon are affordable.

“This is not super high-end expensive. I think the price point for homes will be in the mid $200,000 range,” said Singleton.

Metro Development Groups will release details soon about buying homes in their communities.

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