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Pasco County Lauded For Creating America’s 1st Connected City

For the third time this year, Pasco County is being honored for the part it played in creating America’s first “Connected City.”

For the third time this year, Pasco County Development Services is being honored for the part it played in creating America’s first “Connected City” to Wesley Chapel from the ground up, the Lutz Patch reports.

Pasco County received the 2018 Best Practices Award from the American Planning Association Florida Chapter for creating a unique, forward-thinking development plan that encourages companies with higher paying jobs to call Pasco County home.

The article defines a Connected City as a futuristic community designed around a super-fast communications system with 1 gigabit of WiFi speed. It integrates solar energy and other renewable resources as well as creates amenities including 1,625 acres of active and passive parks, extensive bike paths and trail systems and the country’s first Metro Lagoon by Crystal Lagoons® amenity.

“This is America’s first Smart Community that will have roads ready for driver-less vehicles, multi-modal transportation options, and credits for incorporating new gigabit technologies and solar power into the community,” Ernest Monaco, Pasco County long-range planning manager, told the Lutz Patch.

Metro Development Group oversees the creation of Pasco’s Connected City. It will encompass five approved major planned developments in the Wesley Chapel area, totaling 7,841 acres.

Currently under construction, two of Metro Development Group’s communities, Epperson and Mirada, will be the first in the Connected City.

To read the full article and to learn more about the awards Pasco County’s Connected City has received, click here.