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Southshore Bay’s Upcoming Crystal Lagoon Featured in Osprey Observer

Crystal Lagoon at Southshore BayThe Metro Places communities anxiously await the arrival of North America’s first ever Crystal Lagoon – a “game-changer” for resort-style community living in the words of Metro Places President Greg Singleton.

The Osprey Observer described the Lagoon as a “World Top Amenity” that will bring waves of movement to the city.

The Crystal Lagoon will hold 7.5 acres of freshwater, paving the way for residents to enjoy the peak of waterfront living in the greater Wesley Chapel area. Featured Lagoon amenities include kayaking, paddleboarding and sailing for small boats.

Says Singleton, “Get in line early, (because) the lagoon effect is real.”

To learn more about the upcoming Crystal Lagoon at Southshore Bay, check out the full article from the Osprey Observer.