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Zapier Offers $10K to Move-Out of San Fran. Metro Offers $10K more to Move-In to Epperson

So, it looks like the going rate to pack your bags and move is $10,000. Not bad. But unpacking those bags in the right place could land you $10,000 more. Learning of Zapier’s offer sparked an idea! Metro Development Group, the developer of Metro Places communities in the Tampa Bay area will pay $10,000 to each of the relocated Zapier employees who move to our latest community of Epperson at Connected City.
This opportunity is ideal because you would be moving to a place designed around connectivity and built on a framework of a Gigabit of speed because this is the first and only Smart Gigabit Community built from the ground up in the United States. Not convinced? Well, Epperson also boasts the first Crystal Lagoon in the United States which means acres of crystal clear blue waters and all of the views, relaxation, fun and recreation that comes with the world’s most transformative amenity. We invite you to learn more at and With Zapier’s offer, this is the perfect time. With the Connected City, this is the perfect place. We hope you unpack your bags here at Epperson, we’d love to have you.


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