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Epperson: a Crystal Lagoon Community

Metro Development Group & Crystal Lagoon Building a New Community, Epperson.

Metro Development Group has partnered Crystal Lagoons, in order to create the United States’ first finished Crystal Lagoon community. The community, known as Epperson, is set to be surrounded by sandy beaches, stretches more than five football fields and provide more than 1,000 new homes in Wesley Chapel, Florida community. Epperson uses Crystal Lagoon’s patented technology to provide an overwhelmingly beautiful and relaxing experience for people living in the Tampa Bay area.


WTSP News on Epperson


WTSP News reports, “Construction is underway on the 7.5-acre ‘Crystal Lagoon’ in Wesley Chapel.  The first-of-its-kind in the U.S. lagoon will be complete with a water slide, a dock for kayaking, paddle-boarding and small sailboats. Parts of the boomerang-shaped lagoon off of Overpass and Curly Roads will be up to eight feet deep and the length of five football fields.  It will hold 16 million gallons of water.”


WTSP News Televised Report on Epperson



The Tampa Bay Times on Crystal Lagoon Community


According to The Tampa Bay Times, “Crystal Lagoons was founded in 2007 by Fernando Fischmann, a real estate developer with a biochemistry background who invested millions on a 20-acre lagoon along the Chilean coastline in the mid 1990s. Fischmann spent five years developing the technology that would keep this artificial body of water clean, clear and economical. With its patented technology, the lagoon has hundreds of sensors and small injectors that add sanitizing chemicals when and where they are needed — a more efficient strategy than a pool, which depends on a higher concentration of chlorine to kill bacteria.”

After breaking ground in December 2016, Metro Development Group and Crystal Lagoons expect construction on the Epperson lagoon to take about 12 months. You can read more about Epperson at theWTSP News story on Crystal Lagoon community. Also, be sure to look up the original story by The Tampa Bay Times on Epperson andthe construction of a giant Crystal Lagoon swimming pool in Wesley Chapel.

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